7 Great Places To Meditate On The Go


4. On the beach, in the mountains, or at a camp ground

Sometimes 5 PM, my favorite time for TM practice is in the afternoon, finds me on a hike or at the beach. Fortunately, both of these are great places to meditate! And on a 90 degree day in Arches National Park, the car is not where you want to be. Just check that you aren’t sitting on an anthill, in a wolf’s den, or amidst a hoard of mosquitos. If you’re at a campsite, you can meditate in your tent, but I prefer to lean against a tree or rock.

Christian at Arches National Park

5. At any TM centre around the world

Travelling is fun, but it can be lonely, and sometimes I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed. Finding other people that practice TM and meditating with them is a great way to feel at home when you’re traveling, get grounded, and meet like-minded locals. They’ve probably got some great suggestions about what to do and where to eat! Talk to your local teacher to find out if there is a center or group meditations where you’re traveling.

6. In churches, temples, or museums

If you’re out sightseeing, you probably don’t want to take the time to go back to your hotel to meditate – there’s so little time and so many things to see! (And if you’re on my kind of budget, your hotel is waaaaay out of the city center.) My solution? The back row in an old church, a quiet hallway of a museum, or a corner in a spacious temple courtyard. I’ve meditated in St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Art Institute of Chicago, and in countless Buddhist temples in China and Thailand.

7. In a waiting room

Nervous? Bored? Tired? Watching the minutes tick by while thinking about the million other things you need to do? You can pass the time, calm your nerves, and get one thing out of the way (while simultaneously improving your ability to handle the rest of your day) by closing your eyes and doing your TM practice.

So where do you meditate?

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