Clarity, calmness and focus for students


Optimising brain functioning

Peer-reviewed studies show that Transcendental Meditation increases energy, focus & self confidence, improves sleep, speeds up reaction times and enhances the immune system.

“The TM technique helps students overcome stress and reverses its negative effects on the brain. TM activates the brain’s prefrontal areas, which are responsible for planning, foresight and decision making.”

FRED TRAVIS, brain researcher and author

What is Transcendental Meditation (TM)?

During TM the mind effortlessly settles to quieter levels of thinking, tapping our inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence at its silent depths. Simultaneously the body gains profound rest and releases accumulated stress and fatigue. After meditation, the mind is infused with clarity, focus and calm.

Easy fit for college & university life

TM is practised for 20 mins twice a day, sitting with eyes closed. It is easy and effective. No philosophy is needed, no behavioural changes and it is learnt over 4 sessions of about two hours each.

Awaken higher consciousness

University is an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of oneself and the world as well as gain skills for your chosen profession. TM practice allows you to develop intuition, creative vision and self-actualisation.

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Key benefits of TM for students

Here are 8 key benefits that TM offers students.

  1. Rise in IQ levels – Students practising TM benefit from increases in brain function across the board.
  2. Academic stress goes down – Not only do their grades improve, but students who practise TM report lower levels of stress. They also have better concentration, more alertness, and greater resistance to the physical effects of stress during exams.
  3. Improved academic achievement – Meditating students show considerably improved academic performance – in one study, 41% of students allocated to the TM group benefitted from improvement in both Maths and English scores.
  4. Better focus – Thanks to their minds calming down, students doing TM report a 50% reduction in stress, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms. This in turn triggers a positive chain reaction where an improved ability to focus better on tasks at hand results in increased brain processing and improved language-based skills.
  5. Brain integrity & efficiency – Not only does practising TM make the brain sharper, it also helps to make it function more coherently: university students who took up TM were found to have changes in the fibres in the brain area related to regulating emotions and behaviour. Among other benefits, these changes again lead to better cognitive and intellectual performance. Doing TM leads to significant reductions in depressive symptoms (an average of 48% lower than the non-meditating control group).
  6. Reduction in destructive addiction (drugs, alcohol) – Reigning in potentially addictive behaviour is a major key to success. Studies looking at both students and adults find that daily Transcendental Meditation practice greatly reduces both substance abuse problems and antisocial behaviour. In many cases, TM has been shown to be two or three times more effective than traditional drug prevention and education programmes.
  7. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases – Stay healthy! Regular practice of TM helps students to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. As one study showed, students formerly at-risk of hypertension witnessed a major change in blood pressure after just a few months of meditating. These changes were associated with a 52% lower risk of developing hypertension later in their life.
  8. Happier, more confident students – Last but definitely not least – research finds that students who practise TM daily get higher scores in measures such as self-esteem and emotional competence.
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Why Transcendental Meditation?

When there are thousands of personal development programmes around why should people consider Transcendental Meditation above other practices?

  • TM is delivered with the perfectly balanced instruction programme of personal face-to-face instruction, online and mobile app tuition.
  • 60 years of teaching TM around the world. All certified Transcendental Meditation teachers have been taught under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of TM.
  • Over 50,000 Certified Teachers globally who typically have spent over a year in full-time residential training.
  • All courses of instruction in TM are globally standardised and supported by local TM teachers in over 120 countries.
  • A comprehensive optional support programme in the UK ‘Enjoy TM’ – via the TM Community App, Private Facebook Group, Private LinkedIn Group, & National Telephone Hotline.
  • Optional programme of advanced courses, retreats and online meditations
  • Well-wishers are supporting a scholarship fund for students at this time. The Trustees of Maharishi Foundation, the charity behind Transcendental Meditation, have agreed to provide scholarships so that students can learn at reduced rates for a limited period.

Lowest fee possible

The TM course fee is a tier structure based on people’s ability to pay. The fee covers a 6-month programme, a TM Community App, and remote support for life via a Facebook group, online daily group meditations, meditators website and telephone hotline. We are offering scholarship awards across Great Britain which will bring the fee down to £47.50 a month for 4 months. Normally the student fee is £72.50 a month for 4 months. In addition, local TM Teachers are running pilot Freshers projects in universities and colleges in 10 areas listed below* where the fee can be £23.75 a month for 4 months.

Who is eligible?
You must be a full-time university or college student aged 18 – 25 studying in the UK. Present this post with a valid student ID to claim a scholarship award of £100 when you learn TM anywhere in the UK or £195 in participating pilot TM centres*. The scholarship award goes towards the standard fee of £290. This offer applies to the end of December 2020.

* Special pilot areas for universities and colleges (click on your area to book a free 15-minute chat with the local teacher) Glasgow, Merseyside, Essex, West of London, Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire/Berkshire, Kingston-upon-ThamesGuildford/Surrey, Sussex, Bristol & Avon.

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